The MIMPI Movement is powered by talented individuals and volunteers, who are passionate about empowering and enabling the education of Indonesian youths.

Find out below about how you can help...

If you are a young professional...

We are continuously seeking young professionals who are passionate about education and are interested in volunteering to provide mentorship for youths and help guide them pave their own way to success. 

If you are a youth...

We will be opening applications to become MIMPI Ambassadors (January 2021 - June 2021 period) in November 2020. 

MIMPI Ambassadors are an extension of the MIMPI Core team and will be working in two teams:

  • Programs Specialist                   

  • Marketing & Content Strategist

Partner with us!

We are always open for partnerships and collaborations. We would love to hear your ideas!

Whether you are a company, an institution, a youth organization, a community initiative, or a foundation (yayasan), please reach out and let us know of your ideas!


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